We assist organizations in optimizing the employability of their workforce. Our ultimate goal is that employees feel energetic and motivated, and that they work productively and with pleasure. Not only now, but also in the future. We link science and practice and use an evidence-based approach because we firmly believe that this is the best way to achieve sustainable results. 


The world of work is in constant change because of rapid social, technological and economic developments. This has a strong impact on the employability of employees. Organizations are challenged to meet ever changing environmental demands. And as a result of that today’s employees should be more flexible, effective, and efficient. But on the other hand, these developments also provide opportunities for more interesting and meaningful work, and for the development of competencies and talents.

The current changes in the world of work call for a novel, positive approach to the employability of people in organizations, which emphasizes ownership, empowerment, leadership, and – last but not least - engagement. 

Triple i  Human Capital.  IDEAS. INSIGHTS. IMPACT.

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