Triple i was founded to contribute to the well-being and productivity of people in organizations. This is important for individual employees as well as for their employers.

In our work we use stat-of-the-art scientific knowledge and validated, yet practical tools. This guarantees reliable information, proper insights and actions that have impact.  


Wilmar Schaufeli

Wilmar Schaufeli

Partner / Advisor

As a professor of Work and Organizational Psychology I have been engaged for decades in academic research on employee well-being and productivity. Since five years I combine my scientific work with helping organizations to improve the employability of their employees. I particularly value translating scientific knowledge into practical insights that have impact. In every project I do, my passion for bridging science and practice resonates.  

Elco Schaufeli

Elco Schaufeli

Managing partner

As an economist I am interested in aligning (behaviour of) people with business strategy and policy. In addition, as a former line manager I experienced first hand the importance of leadership for employee well-being and productivity. This knowledge, experience and interest I bring to every project I do. Also, I like to work hands-on with others in order to improve healthy and productive work in organizations.

Triple i  Human Capital.  IDEAS. INSIGHTS. IMPACT.

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