HR Analytics

Most likely you have at your disposal quite a lot of ”soft” HR- and “hard” business data (including previous employee surveys and productivity figures). But these are all separate bits and pieces that perhaps have never been analysed simultaneously.  We assist you to uncover the focal issues that may have a positive impact on levels of employee well-being, and thus on business performance.



HR-analytics connects your existing (HR and business) data with your organizational goals and Key Performance Indicators. By using HR-analytics we uncover in what ways your employees contribute – or not contribute – to your organizational goals. This allows you to effectively manage your business success. We make use of our extensive experience in modelling, data mining, economics and psychology.

In case you do not have proper and useful information on employee’s well-being and perceptions of their workplace, HR-analytics may be combined with the Energy Compass that generates this type of information. 

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