WetenschapIn our projects we use our extensive scientific experience and knowledge. Science inspires and challenges us every day to maintain a critical stance to what we see and what we experience in our projects. This helps us to better understand and to take effective action. 

We closely collaborate with a broad range of internationally active and leading scientists in the field of positive occupational psychology. 


Why is science based working important?

State-of-the-art knowledge:

Using the most recent insights and scientific findings 

Evidence-based models:        

No “ gut feeling” but evidence-based relationships

Reliable and valid instruments:

Survey information that is reliable, valid and accurate


Comparisons that make sense and have added value

Statistical analyses:

No speculations but conclusions from proper data-analysis



On the personal website of professor Wilmar Schaufeli you may find more information about his scientific work. A broad range of scientific publications can be downloaded from this site covering subjects as burnout, work engagement, motivation, employability, workaholism, and sickness absence. > read more