Why do organizations choose Triple I?

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Because of our intimate connection to science, we are always up to date and use the latest scientific knowledge in the field of positive psychology. It is our ambition to help practitioners and industry reap the benefits of science. This is why we are happy to share our knowledge.


The highest quality.
Within reach.

As an Internationally recognized expert in employee engagement research, Dr. Wilmar Schaufeli personally oversees the scientific quality of our survey tools. As a result of Dr. Schaufeli’s oversight, and his extensive academic network, the most up-to-date scientific knowledge is always available to our clients.


Dedicated service and flexibility.

Our organization is agile and delivers what is promised. Without limitations.


Common language.
For high-level professional collaboration.

Our model offers a clear reference for communicating. This increases professionalism and cooperation within the organization. As a result, the entire organization can immediately apply the model for immediate and cooperative implementation.


Focus on impact.
Not just on the survey process.

It is our goal to increase levels of mental energy of employees in organizations. We deliberately avoid utilizing incoherent clutters of data that end up on a shelf or in some drawer. But instead, we offer clear, easy to read and concise reports, which contain concrete and actionable recommendations.


How do we ensure impact?

In employee engagement surveys, a lot of energy is often invested in data collection, but the real challenge lies in the follow-up process. How do insights lead to impact? How do we induce workforce buy-in that motivates employees to make the right next steps?

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